Exploring London | Broadway & Netil market

After a Friday night involving tequila at a colleague’s leaving drinks and a drunken trek to Chinatown for greasy fried rice, I wasn’t expecting to wake up clear headed. But boy, was I glad I did – with the glorious weather, all I wanted to do was bask in the sun, food in one hand and a cold refreshing drink in the other.

I texted the flatmate (who was just in the next room but laziness prevented me from leaving the bed), who agreed enthusiastically to my suggestion of visiting our favourite market – Broadway market in Hackney.

Hackney has been gentrified in recent years – with pop-up boutique merchandising handmade wares, creative delis and the odd bric-à-brac store. Broadway and the nearby Netil market is the place where hipsters of the East converge. It is one of my favourite places to people-watch.






British hole-y cheese


I got myself a  duck confit burger with blue cheese and a drizzle of truffle honey, with some chutney smeared on the face of the brioche bun . Thinking about it just makes me salivate.


After lunch, we trooped over to Netil market…
where there was jerk chicken off the grill…
and the moistest cakes you can find in London, hands down. I never fail to get a slice every time I make a trip here. The cakes are not cloyingly sweet and flavours, innovative. Also, portions are massive and really good value.
This time, we got a slice of banana, pecan and pineapple cake…
and Pimm’s! Drink of the season.
After leaving Netil market, we came across a bakery under an arch. Glossy kouign-amman and gracefully tall brioche feuilletée were on display.
After that, we popped by Conservatory Archives…
a tiny space filled  with plants, from ground to ceiling.


Came across this cute little shop en route to the bus stop. Perfect colours to reflect the season!


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