Exploring London | Notting Hill & Portobello Market

Unpopular opinion – I didn’t like Notting Hill the movie. For the rare few who hasn’t watched it, it’s about a super famous movie star with a megawatt smile (literally) who crosses path with a floppy-haired, somewhat aimless bookshop owner. I thought said famous movie star, Anna Scott, was an obnoxious character… it always seemed to be about her. However, I did enjoy the sound track very much.

The Noting Hill in real life, and its most famous street – Portobello Road, was charming. The best street food? Hardly. But the beautiful doors and interesting antique wares make it an enjoyable way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Also, I mustn’t forget to mention that this is probably the best neighbourhood to get those #doorgoals pictures.

The start of the market is antiques.


I was so close to catching Wonder Woman at the electric cinema, until I found out it would cost £19, which is basically 4 movies at the Barbican.


After battling the crowds in Portobello market, I took a breather by wandering around the side streets.
Obsessed with these houses with ivy creepers on the outside.
thumb_P6240429_1024 I’m not sure why, but this is giving me serious Beauty & The Beast vibes.
Love the bold colours of some of these doors and the surrounding walls.


And finally… London’s most Instagrammed pub – The Churchill Arms!



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